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QCM Flamelab 4.0

Precision Fire Testing, Sky-High Safety

QCM Flamelab is an independent, EN 9100:2018 certified fire testing laboratory located in Lodz, Poland, specializing in aircraft interior tests according to CS and FAR 25.853 Appendix F Part I and II.

We specialize in fire testing aviation interior materials and seat cushions so that you can be certain as to whether or not they comply with all applicable regulations, and are able take action accordingly.

Our fire tests, including Bunsen Burner testing and Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushions, are compliant with EASA and FAA standards - but unlike other labs, we use automated tests to eliminate human factors and other variables which occur during manually performed tests. 

This automation results in simple, precise, and efficient testing and reporting of your materials, allowing for faster results and a more accurate analysis of your samples.

We appreciate that speed of results and transparency are top priorities for our clients, which is why we offer a 26 hour lead time on all samples (from when we receive them), and why we include video and thermographic image recordings with all test results (where applicable). No booking of tests in advance is necessary - we treat all samples testing as urgent.

    Looking for accurate, transparent, and quick Fire Testing? Go Flamelab! 

    By partnering with QCM Flamelab, you can expect:

    ☑ max. 26 hour lead time* 

    ☑ fully automated testing, eliminating human factors

    ☑ 100% repeatability

    ☑ testing 7 days per week

    ☑ no waitlists or appointments necessary

    ☑ video and thermographic recording of tests

    ☑ review all sample results & data years after testing, with our specimen traceability

    *from when samples are received at the lab. 48 hour lead time from when sample is collected from your facility to receiving results is possible when using priority shipping.

    Our fire testing capabilities include: 

    • Bunsen Burner Tests:
      • Vertical 12 / 60 seconds
      • Horizontal 2.5 / 4.0 inch/min
      • 45 / 60 degrees
      • AC 25-17A Fire Containment 
    • Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushions