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Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushions play a vital role in ensuring the safety and performance of aircraft seat cushions, by simulating an accident where fuel enters the cabin.

Using a 1,200°C high-intensity open flame, we can evaluate the burn resistance and weight loss characteristics of aircraft seat cushions, ultimately determining whether they comply with the requirements of FAR 25.853 App. F Part II to maximise passenger safety by minimizing flammability.

Our next generation sonic burner is the only test stand of its kind in Poland, and one of ten in Europe. This latest oil burn technology offers more accurate test results through high stability and consistency during testing, and improved repeatability and data acquisition post-testing.

We also offer Bunsen Burner Testing for interior materials being used in aviation, public transport, yachts & boating, textile manufacturers, and more.

Benefits of using QCM Flamelab for your oil burner testing:

☑ fully automated testing

☑ max. 26 hour lead time*

☑ 100% repeatability

☑ testing 7 days per week

☑ human factors eliminated

☑ video recording of tests

☑ review all sample results & data years after testing, with our specimen traceability

*from when samples are received at the lab. 48 hour lead time from when sample is collected from your facility to receiving results is possible when using priority shipping.

Measurements & Results

Our next generation sonic burner prioritizes consistency and stability to limit fluctuations in variables that could affect test results. All results are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Weight Loss (max. 10%)
  • Burn Length (max. 43 cm)
  • Dripping
  • Extinguishing Time

All samples are labeled with QR Codes for traceability, and video recordings are done for every test to verify the results.

While some labs charge you for these recordings, we include these with all test results using a shared folder. Combined with the specimen traceability, you can easily trace and review the results and recordings of these tests firsthand, at any time.

For any tests which fail, we also include expert-reviewed recommendations, so that you can more easily address the reason for failure.

Overview of the Oil Burner Testing

A sample of both the back and the bottom seat cushion are secured to the seat frame pictured.

For two minutes, the sample is exposed to a high intensity open flame at 1200°C, which simulates the intensity of alight jet fuel in the cabin. 

Following this test, the weight loss of the cushions are calculated and the burn lengths on the sample cushions are measured. 

This process is repeated for three test samples, and the average of these three tests is then used to determine whether the seat cushions pass or fail to meet the criteria.

By measuring the weight loss characteristics and the burn length, we can ensure that in the rare incident that a chair makes contact with jet fuel: 

  • the flame won't enter the high-flammable foam inside, and, consequently, 
  • that other seats don't catch fire as well

This reduces the overall flammability of the cabin, increasing passenger safety in the incidence of a fuel leak or fire.

Our Testing Process, from Start to Finish

1. Send min. 3x "sample sets" (we recommend 4x samples) to be tested to our laboratory in Poland. 

  • one "sample set" consists of one back cushion (size 18" x 25" x 2") and one bottom cushion (size 18" x 20" x 4")

2. We assign a QR code to each sample for specimen traceability, allowing you to easily trace results for your samples post-testing. 

3. We conduct the oil burner testing on all cushion samples provided (see 'How it Works' section above for details)

4. Within 26 hours of us receiving your samples, you will receive your test results. This includes either a pass or fail, as well as the video recordings.

  • If your test has failed, we will also include recommendations based on the tests.

5. All results and accompanying video recordings are uploaded to a shared folder which you can access at anytime, even years from now.

Find more information on how to order Oil Burner tests here.

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