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QCM Flamelab specializes in fire testing interior aviation materials to ensure they meet all applicable regulations, using fire tests which are compliant with EASA and FAA standards.

Unlike other labs, we use automated tests to eliminate human factors and other variables which occur during manually performed testing. This results in simple, precise, and efficient testing and reporting of your materials, allowing for quicker results and a more accurate analysis of your samples.

Our testing capabilities cover Bunsen Burner Testing and Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushions.

When it comes to our Bunsen Burner Testing, QCM Flamelab is the only laboratory in the world offering automated testing services for aviation interiors using our state-of-the-art technology, Flamelab 4.0, which was developed exclusively for our laboratory.

Why QCM Flamelab?

☑ Independent laboratory

☑ Results within approx. 48 hours (when sent using priority shipping)

☑ Applicable Video and Thermographic recording of tests included with all test results

☑ Availability 7 days per week

☑ EN 9100 / AS 9100 Rev. D certified

☑ 100% repeatability guaranteed

☑ Human factors eliminated, resulting in more accurate testing

Our Testing Capabilities


  • 60 Seconds vertical
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (a)(1)(i)
  • 12 Seconds vertical
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (a)(1)(ii)
  • 2.5 inch/min horizontal
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (a)(1)(iv)
  • 4.0 inch/min horizontal
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (a)(1)(v)
  • 45 degrees
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (b)(vi)
  • 60 degrees
    CS 25.853(a) App. F Part I (b)(vii)
  • Fire containment
    CS25.853(h) and AC 25-17A
  • Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushion
    CS 25.853 App. F Part II


  • 4.0 inch/min horizontal
    FMVSS 302, CMVSS 302


  • Heat Release Rate
    PN-EN 45545-2 / ISO 5660-1
  • Smoke Density + Toxicity
    PN-EN 45545-2 / ISO 5659

Max. 26 hours lead-time

Following the term «Time is Money» – QCM Flamelab guarantees that all test results are being provided to the customer within 26 hours from the moment of arrival of specimens at our laboratory.

Specimen Traceability

QCM Flamelab labels every single specimen with QR codes which are automatically generated by Flamelab 4.0.

Therefore, we are able to track and identify samples weeks, months and years after testing.

100% Repeatability

Due to introduction of fully automated processes for equipment calibration and conducting of vertical 12 and 60 seconds, QCM Flamelab can ensure continous repeatability among all tests conducted.

Visual and thermographic images

All 12 and 60 seconds tests are always being recorded by Flamelab 4.0.

Based on the thermographic data, tests results are being generated and videos are being uploaded for customers's review.

Want more information or to request a quote?

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