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Profile and benefits

Flamelab 4.0 uses state-of-the-art technologies to raise fire testing to new heights in both quality and productivity terms. In addition to its modular concept, Flamelab 4.0 also offers:

  • Extensive automation
  • Precision reproducibility
  • Automated documentation of results

Technical specifications

As well as using sophisticated cameras, this specially-developed analysis tool provides both highly precise measurements and excellent analysis options. To these ends it makes use of:

  • Thermal cameras from Optris plc
  • Optical camera from Basler Inc.
  • High-quality gas system components from Swagelok
  • LabVIEW based software with a user-friendly interface

The flammability testing procedure


Insert the sample


Start the programme


Barcode is detected


Flame height is measured


Conduct the test


Analyzed results with test certificate

Measurements and conclusions

The specially-developed algorithms permit high measurement precision and enable the results to be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Flame Time
  • Dripping Time
  • Burn Length

Areas of application

Precise and reproducible fire tests are required in various businesses and industries. Flamelab 4.0 can set new fire testing benchmarks in areas such as:

  • Aviation (compliant with EASA and FAA standards)
  • Public transport (railways in particular)
  • The automobile industry
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Interior design
  • Yachting and boating

Partnership opportunities

We can envisage collaborating on:

  • Conducting flammability tests
  • Product marketing and sales
  • Converting or upgrading existing test facilities
  • Other partnership models of various forms